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Enjoy the many aspects of the Oasis Botanica community:
  • Articles explore many common areas where people are bringing essential oils and healing herbs into their lives. We welcome submission of original material. Contact us for guidelines.
  • The School of Essential Living Arts is a blog dedicated to sensible, cost-effective and responsible ways of living the good life in a crowded and expensive world. What ever happened to home economics courses? Let’s share our good ideas and skills and herbal remedies.
  • Herb of the Month in-depth articles provide a close-up look of a single herb that people have been using for centuries in their day to day lives. People and plants have always been partners. Let’s reconnect.
  • Botanica Store offers the full line of Alma del Sol Aromatherapy products and essential oils. We post customer feedback on all products. We look forward to offering a wide variety of hand-crafted natural products as our store grows. You can purchase fine quality items now to help with all of your natural home remedies and essential oils needs.
Celebrate the partnership between people and plants.

Oasis Botanica is an on-line resource for exchanging information about living well with the assistance of our faithful old friends, the plants. Feel free to share your own experiences and tips for better natural living with essential oils, natural remedies, herbs and common-sense solutions. The more the merrier! If you wish to offer home remedies or a hand-crafted natural product through this website, contact us to discuss a provider relationship. We’d like to help you grow while we help each other grow.

This natural home remedies educational website and store are sponsored by Alma del Sol Aromatherapy, providing therapeutic grade essential oils, essential oil blends and aromatherapy education in Western Colorado since 1996. We’re not here to be your doctor or your pharmacist. We qualify for neither. We are here to provide our community with great home remedy and natural remedy information to allow us to better take care of ourselves and our households. We are here to both teach and learn.

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