Warm Hands and Warm Feet with Black Pepper Oil

Winter sports and outdoor work don't have to mean cold hands and cold feet.  A customer who works winter construction in Colorado recently purchased black pepper oil from us. He mixes it with plain vegetable oil to rub on his hands for winter work. 

Here's how it works. Black pepper brings blood flow to the surface of the skin for that natural warmth from your own body. 

Black pepper oil can be helpful if for anyone with "cold spots", including lower back areas and amputation stumps.

Start by adding 6 drops black pepper oil to a small palmful (about the size of a nickel) of vegetable oil or any lotion.  You can use more essential oil or less essential oil as you need. You'll know when you have too much from an uncomfortable tingle.  We do not recommend using the undiluted essential oil on the skin.  We know what we say when we tell you less is more.

Of course, make sure you are conserving as much warmth as possible with good clothing, including hat, gloves and shoes.  Wool pants are a better choice than jeans in cold weather.  Look for washable wools that don't create a dry cleaning bill or use dry cleaning chemicals.

Make sure you stay well hydrated, and take breaks inside to minimize cold stress on your body and mind.

Stay cozy and comfortable in your winter work and play.

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